Webstah is ready for a ‘change’ | News

Webstah is ready for a ‘change’ | News | Jamaica star

September 29, 2021

Dancehall artist Webstah is poised to become a major player in the music industry and is confident that his breakthrough is inevitable.

“I’m not worried about my future in the music business; I know I have the talent and the right attitude to make it happen. So I pocket the work and I pay my dues and I know it won’t . ” long before I get my break, “he said. The Singjay recently released a single called Changez.

“This song is for all of the people out there who are facing the daily struggles of life. I want them to know that things will get better as long as they don’t give up. All they have to do is trust God, believe on yourself and work hard and you can improve your life, “he said.

Webstah is currently working on new projects for Nadz Production, Love Star Music Production, AR15 Records and Reef Entertainment.

The artist named Anthony Green is from Hannah Town in Kingston. He made his recording debut in 2011 with a song entitled She Is Not Ready on the McDove Records imprint.

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