West Seattle Weblog… | WEST SEATTLE CRIME WATCH: Purse-snatching; catalytic converter taken; gun arrest; another alert about repeat mail-theft suspet

Four reports in West Seattle Crime Watch::

Purse snatched: According to the summary of the police report, an officer from Westwood Village (2600 SW Barton) noticed a “glitch” in the parking lot at around 2:15 pm today and went over to investigate. A 56-year-old woman told police that her handbag had been stolen. She fought the robber, but he pushed her to the ground and took her purse. They found a suspect “who still had the victim’s property,” the report said. He was sent to King County Jail on a robbery investigation. The victim suffered neck injuries.

CATALYTIC CONVERTER STOLEN, AGAIN: We received a call this afternoon from a woman who reported that her Honda Element’s catalytic converter had just been stolen. It happened in the parking lot of Bridge park (3204 SW Morgan) when she visited her mother there for Easter.

GUN ARREST: A man was arrested shortly before 11 a.m. today for illegal gun possession following an incident in block 9400 of 18th SW. The summary of the police report said that an emergency call came from a woman who said she was threatened with a gun by someone. Police say the victim and the suspect, who know each other, had an argument over a jacket. The suspect got angry and pulled a 9mm pistol from his belt pouch, then walked towards the woman. She fled and called the police. They found and arrested the suspect and found that he had a criminal record and therefore could not legally own a gun. He was sent to King County Jail.

MAIL-THEFT SUSPECT ALERT, AGAIN: One and a half weeks after repeated suspected mail theft Jason A. TurnerNorth Delridge residents say he is still stealing mail and packages. We got a text from someone last night and we heard about it today Southwest district Commander Capt. Kevin Grossmanwho says he heard from angry residents. He says, “I want to encourage people to call 911 if they see him stealing mail. The SPD will respond and arrest him again. We are just as frustrated with Mr. Turner’s continued criminal behavior as we are West Seattle residents and will continue to work with the King County Attorney’s Office to persuade the judge to keep him in custody. “Turner is on trial in May for the four stolen mail theft cases filed against him in February. (Here is the original police alert we posted back in February, including a photo provided by the police.)

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