White racist arrested in Greeley with numerous drug and gun convictions – Greeley Tribune

A convicted felon who is part of a white racist group is charged with gun and narcotics charges after a traffic stop in Greeley.

The Greeley Police Department arrest records indicate that Nicholas Lanctot, 42, was the passenger on a vehicle that was found on Jan.

Officials checked his criminal history and found that Lanctot had multiple felony convictions, including the possession of a gun by a previous perpetrator in the past year. He also reportedly has multiple white supremacist tattoos and claims to be a member of a white supremacist group called the Aryan Brotherhood.

At 10:51 am on June 30, two Greeley police officers drove west behind a blue pickup truck at 2200 block on 31st Street. Officers conducted a traffic check after driver Melissa Boulier turned right onto 23rd Avenue into the outside lane.

The two officers approached either side of the vehicle to make contact with the Boulier and Lanctot. A methamphetamine tube was seen in sight under the radio and within range of the occupants of the vehicle, the GPD records say.

Both occupants were asked to get out of the vehicle. Lanctot reached into the waistband of his pants where his gun was as he got out of the car. He informed the officers that he had a firearm in his possession.

Police retrieved the semi-automatic pistol with seven live ammunition from Lanctot. He told officers that he found the gun in the grass in front of his house.

The search continued and police found a sunglasses case containing 24 suspected oxycodone pills, a small digital scale and empty plastic bags. Officials believed that Lanctot was suspected of selling and distributing narcotics with the property.

He was taken to Weld County Jail without incident on the following charges:

  • Previous perpetrator possession of a gun
  • Possession of a Schedule II narcotic with the intention of distributing it
  • Special offender

An injunction negotiation is planned for July 28 at 11:30 a.m.

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