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Some of you may need to take a valium and sit in a chair. For some reason there seems to be a fairly large segment of the population who believe that hunting rifles can only be blued with walnut. We are going to discuss what is perhaps the most undisputed controversy in North American hunting, which is hunting with an AR rifle.

I say controversial, but for many of us it is just as common as driving a car or eating venison. Nevertheless, there are people in the hunting community who consider it wrong or even immoral to hunt with what has become “America’s Gun.” Today we’re delving into the benefits you can enjoy with the introduction of the Modern Sporting Rifle (MSR), as the AR came to be known.

A couple of professionals

AR rifles are becoming increasingly popular for hunting. (Photo: Jeff Wood / Guns.com)

Of course, I couldn’t list them all or remember them all. However, I can certainly explain some of the overlooked and relevant advantages of the AR platform in terms of hunting.

1. Technology

The AR rifle is at the cutting edge of weapon technology in our world. The popularity of the AR platform ensures that people and gun companies are constantly innovating. Almost every new manufacturing technique, every new material or every other technological progress is checked on the AR.

This opens the doors to a variety of exciting options for hunters, such as: B. Lightweight construction, new and better cartridges and higher accuracy through machining processes. All of these advances in the AR market lower prices and increase availability.

Traditional style hunting rifles have also seen improvements, but they have not enjoyed the attention of the AR market. Autoloading rifles of the past were often less accurate than their single shot counterparts. Technological advances and market pressures mean that the modern sporting rifles available today can be as accurate as precision rifles.

2. Adaptability for multiple roles

AR rifles are easy to modify. (Photo: Jeff Wood / Guns.com)

The AR rifle is often referred to as the adult Legos for good reason. Anyone with a modest understanding of mechanical dynamics can assemble, modify, or reconfigure the average AR-15. What the skilled gunsmith often needs with traditional rifles the average marksman can do. And it can be done at home in his / her garage with minimal tools that they can afford.

You can position the rifle exactly how you want it, whether you want to use it to take out a pack of coyotes or hike deep into the Rocky Mountains after a trophy mule deer. There are literally thousands of options that you can use to your predatory advantage.

3. This is America!

AR rifles are good for long hikes into the field. (Photo: Jeff Wood / Guns.com)

There is no better way to maintain the abundance of autoloading sporting weapons than to flood every corner of this country with the rifle that anti-gunners would like to ban. Hunting is not the purpose of the second amendment, but they like to pretend it’s somehow related. For me, the more people own and master these weapons, the better.

All the advantages of MSRs are in different price and quality levels, regardless of whether it is a budget or a custom version Novesquethere is an AR for everyone.

Big frame or small?

The 5.56 cartridge is ideal for small game. (Photo: Jeff Wood / Guns.com)

As AR design matures, large and small frame rifles have become widespread. This means that gun owners and hunters have a lot more options to choose from. Small frame ARs use traditional cartridges like the .223 / 5.56, which have always been a good choice for hunting small game and varmints.

But new cartridges were also introduced for the small-framed rifles. These new options are great for hunting pests and large game such as deer and pigs. With chambers like the 300 Blackout, the 6mm ARC, and the 350 Legend, hunters can use theirs AR-15 to take their annual harvest and fill their freezer.

If a bigger game is on your list, a large frame AR that packs 6.5cm or 0.308 Winchester is a great option. There are even some companies that make AR-style rifles with XL frames housed in magnum cartridges that represent just about any potential prey for North American animals. All of this while maintaining the modularity and manual of the weapons that also apply to the AR rifle. This highly adaptable nature of the AR continues to open doors for its use in hunting purposes.

The AR platform allows you to customize your specific requirements. (Photo: Jeff Wood / Guns.com)

Most of my hunt with an AR-15 was the varmint hunt. Countless prairie dogs have been taken into the desert over many years, and to a lesser extent many jackrabbits have fallen victim to my handloads. Even though I’ve switched platforms several times, I still love hunting with autoloaders, be it Wyoming antelope with the 6mm ARC or Rocky Mountain moose with a 6.5 creedmoor, or even a sneaky mule deer with one Subsonic .450 Bushmaster.

Don’t be fooled by the story that they’re just range toys or military weapons. A good AR is an extremely valuable hunting tool when properly equipped and trained accordingly.

With modern service rifles that shoot as well as they do, you can spend all day in a South Dakota dog town pounding willow pups with deadly accuracy.

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