Why I am pro-gun control

Why I am Pro-Gun Control

Gun control is necessary to have a peaceful city, country, and world. Without gun control, many people are killed for unnecessary reasons. Not only should it be regulated differently, violence is never the answer either. Those who do not support gun control show that they are for violence and do not think about safety for everyone. That’s why I’m Pro-Gun Control

Gun control is a controversial issue that has existed in the United States and around the world for decades. The second change says: “A well-regulated militia, which is necessary for the security of a free state, must not violate the right of the people to keep and carry arms.” (US Const. Am. 2) The questions at hand are as follows; What does a “well-regulated militia” mean, should the background checks require more, and what are the reasons for gun control? There are two sides to this argument, including those for gun control who believe guns should be taken off the streets and those against gun control who believe that as a citizen of the United States it is a right to carry a gun.

The first reason there should be gun control is so that a gun can be in anyone’s hands without the law saying otherwise. If stricter gun laws were passed, more lives would be saved. Not only should there be a standard background check, but I’m a strong advocate of medical background checks as well. The Council on Foreign Relations notes that “a so-called” Gun Show Loophole, “codified in the Firearm Owners Protection Act of 1986, effectively allows anyone, including convicted felons, to purchase firearms without a background check (” US Gun Policy : Global Comparisons “). If there are no limits to who can have a weapon, everyone is at risk. As soon as it is legal for everyone to own a weapon, nothing can be done about it.

Another reason gun control should be enforced is that otherwise a mentally unstable person could reach you and do something beyond their control. By allowing someone who is unstable to have a gun, one only prepares oneself for catastrophic conclusions. Dr. Alan Heister explains, “Adam Lanza’s actions are explained solely as a manifestation of mental illness” (Huffington Post). If guns weren’t easy to come by, Sandy Hook Elementary School would be normal and all of these parents wouldn’t be childless. In being the first time this problem occurs, it is unforgivable; Doing nothing to prevent it from happening again is unprincipled. Maintaining the current laws makes it seem like there is no sympathy for what happened and now nothing is going to change.

The final reason Pro-Gun Control is effective is the simple fact of safety. Not only is it unsafe for anyone to have a gun, it is unsafe for anyone (trained or not) to walk around armed at all times. There have been serious incidents where guns were accidentally fired but they still created a major problem. In a recent study, they found that “household weapons are 22 times more likely to be involved in accidental shootings, murders, or attempted suicide than they are used in self-defense. In any event where a gun was used in the home in self-defense or justifiable shootings, there were 4 accidental shootings, 7 criminal or homicides, and 11 attempted or committed suicides “(Kellermann, AL,” Injuries and deaths from being too firearms Having guns readily available in a house can lead to serious problems, injury, or death. Many cases have also emerged where a teenage boy brings a family gun to school or shoots his own family members in the home The Accident Analysis and Prevention states: “For children ages 5-14, the mortality rate in high gun ownership states is 14 times higher than in low gun ownership states. Infants and young children ages 0-4 the death rate in high-gun states is 17 times higher than in low-gun states itz. (Matthew Miller, Deborah Azrael & David Hemenway). Taking guns out of everyone’s hands reduces the risk of unnecessary problems.

The biggest claim made by people against gun control is that it is taking away their right to carry guns as part of the second amendment. (“Against gun control.” ThinkQuest. Oracle Foundation.) Yes, that’s true, but not only is this claim unfair, it is exactly what will change the gun law. While the people who are allowed to carry guns feel more secure, now the people who do not want to be around guns feel unsafe. It almost feels like a lose-lose situation, but by eliminating the fear of injury or death, it would make it more worthwhile in the long run. Why should anyone be afraid of a gun when everyone would be safe, when no one had or could carry it?

To sum up, gun control is required for a safe place for everyone. Without gun control, a gun can fall into the wrong hands. Even without background and medical exams, someone who is mentally unstable can get a gun. Overall, it’s unsafe for anyone to be where almost anyone can get a gun. Even if many believe that it would be for the good of the people, I don’t think so.

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