William Siefert: Time for gun control | Opinion

Editor: I know I live in gun heaven, but have we had enough of guns and mass shootings? How many people died in how many mass shootings? Do we really want that for this country? It’s time for meaningful gun control! See, I’m not against gun ownership. Getting a gun shouldn’t be easier than getting a driver’s license, however. I just want to know what the problem with background checks is. What’s the problem with licensing any weapon? What’s the problem with insuring any gun? Why are waiting times so terrible?

Can’t wait to shoot someone or something?

At some point my right not to live in fear of an idiot with a gun in the local Walmart trumps my right to own a killing machine.

Don’t trot the usual BS the NRA accuses that this issue is a mental health issue. I totally reject this argument! The real problem is too many guns in too many people’s hands.

If you want an automatic killing machine, join the military! Large capacity automatic weapons and magazines belong in the military, not civilian hands! If it took the Dayton shooter 30 seconds to take out nine people, automatic weapons must be used! Until deer shoot

back I see no advantage for an AR15 for hunting.

Why is the NRA against meaningful gun control? Money! Not the second change; Arms Makers Money!

Congress will do nothing about it. They lack political courage.

Nobody wants to face the NRA or the gun lobby. Same sad problem, no courage.

If the vast majority of the public is in favor of background checks and much stricter gun control, why are these people getting in the way? Cash register! Guns are a billion dollar industry, and apparently dollars speak louder than human lives when talking to politicians.

Do you hear me politician Stop standing in the way or is NRA campaign money more important than someone’s life?

Politicians should serve the needs of the people, not the needs of the money, well-connected or NRA lobbyists.

This is one time you have to put country over party! Cowardly politicians who do nothing: either lead, follow or avoid the way. The public will come for you!

William Siefert

Lake Havasu City

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