Winchester Educational COVID-19 Action Network (WECAN) update Feb. 16: positivity and death rate low, capacity restrictions to be lifted

Governor Lamont’s press conference on Tuesday February 16.

According to state data, the state had the lowest Covid test positivity rate in months on Monday February 15.
As of February 15, the Covid test positivity rate is 2.83 percent, with 580 new positive Covid cases, bringing the total number of Covid cases in Connecticut to 270,822.
As of February 15, 606 patients had been hospitalized for symptoms of Covid and 7,449 deaths for Covid.
At his news conference on Tuesday, February 16, Governor Ned Lamont said the low test positivity rate was good news for the state.
“This is a trend that is incredibly positive,” said Governor Lamont. “It’s a trend we’re seeing across the region. We’re about as fast as Rhode Island and Massachusetts. Our rate is a little lower than New York, but as part of a region that is good, and as part of a country, that is good. “
However, Governor Lamont said there are still concerns about the variants of Covid.
On February 15, a Fairfield County resident tested positive for the South African variant, also known as variant B.1.351.
The variant is more contagious than the original Covid virus.
He added that concerns about a UK variant are growing.
“I heard today from the Federal Covid Task Force that 50 percent of all infections by March could be the UK variant,” said Governor Lamont. “We saw what this variant did in terms of rapid diffusion in countries like the UK and Portugal.”

Lamont: “The vaccine is on its way!”
Connecticut remains one of the top states for vaccinating its residents, currently the fourth highest for vaccinations, according to state statistics.
By February 15, 66 percent of the state’s residents aged 75 and over had been vaccinated, 23 percent of residents ages 65 to 74 had been vaccinated, and a total of 691,836 doses were given.
“They give us the vaccines, we give the residents a shot in the arm,” said Governor Lamont.
Governor Lamont said the federal government will begin increasing the distribution of vaccines in Connecticut by 22 percent in the next few days. He said vaccine supplies will also be increased to pharmacies across the state.
“Hopefully the pace will pick up as vaccinations keep increasing,” he said. “We will get more vaccines from the federal government, which corresponds to a 22 percent increase in supply.”
However, Governor Lamont warned that winter storms were disruptive in the distribution of vaccines to states, including Connecticut.
“We’re pretty good at storms here in New England, but when you look at places like Texas, they’re not as sure about how to handle storms,” ​​said Governor Lamont. “From Kalamazoo, where Pfizer is from, they are de-icing planes and trying to get people to sort out the vaccines. That can slow us down for a few days. That goes for Memphis and Louisville, where Moderna comes from via Federal Express. “

Reopenings to continue
A few hours after Governor Lamont’s press conference, the state arts bureau announced that, effective February 17, the performing arts venues will be at 50 percent capacity, selling concessions and groceries.
Back at the press conference, Governor Lamont announced that starting March 19, private, social and recreational events will be allowed in commercial venues with a capacity of 50 percent indoors for a maximum of 100 people and up to 200 people outdoors.
Governor Lamont added that more restrictions could be lifted over the next few weeks, all of which depend on the state’s statistics.

Statistics from February 15th
Total Number of Cases in Litchfield County: 10,743
Winchester: 477 cases, five deaths
Torrington: 2,691 cases, 126 deaths
Barkhamsted: 127 cases, one death
Colebrook: 38 cases, no deaths
New Hartford: 268 cases, three deaths
Norfolk: 59 cases, no deaths

Testing: The Charlotte Hungerford Hospital drive-through exam takes place from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. at 211 High Street in Torrington
Community Health & Wellness (CHWC), Torrington, will continue to offer free COVID-19 testing in February. The tests will be conducted in an outdoor tent in Torrington at 469 Migeon Avenue on Fridays from 9:30 am to 12:00 pm. The dates are: February 19th and February 26th.

Tests can be performed based on availability without the need for an appointment, insurance, symptoms, or medical advice. For those wishing to pre-register, a form is available on the CHWC website at The test is free and the results are known within three days.

Further tests will be announced in the winter months in the future. In addition, appointments for tests at the CHWC plant in Torrington can be made by calling 860-387-0400.


According to a press release dated Friday, February 12th, CVS Pharmacy plans to be located at 49 Main Street in Winsted COVID-19 vaccine dates to individuals over 65 years old.

Note that if you have problems with Internet Explorer, try using the Google Chrome browser to navigate the website. Residents without computer access can call (888) 300-4419.

Please click here for a link to schedule an appointment through CVS.

Other vaccine providers – all in Torrington:
Walmart Pharmacy – 970 Torringford Street – no phone appointments available

Walgreens Pharmacy – 28 Elm Street – no phone appointments available

Torrington Area Health District – 350 Main Street – no phone appointments available—VAMS-Support

Hartford Healthcare 153 South Main Street – 860-827-7690

Charlotte Hungerford Hospital – 540 Main Street – 860-827-7690

To email community information, including resources for local residents [email protected]

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