Winchester family holds second annual walk for spina bifida awareness

WINCHESTER, Ky. (WKYT) – Four years ago, the Moore family’s life was forever changed.

Not only was their wife Amie pregnant, but they found that their son had been diagnosed with spina bifida. On Saturday, October 9th, family and friends held their second annual Walk N Roll to raise awareness of spina bifida.

“No parents want to hear that something is wrong with their child. You know, as parents we still have tough days. But you know we cried, we prayed. I will never forget that day when I left the UK, ”said Amie and Stephen Moore.

Their son Lincoln Moore was born with spina bifida, a birth defect that occurs when the spine does not form properly.

“It affects various postpartum functions, such as walking. He has a shunt due to hydrocephalus, epilepsy, ”said Stephen Moore.

No person with spina bifida is alike. Those who have it experience it differently and call it the snowflake effect.

The family says they couldn’t do it without the help of the community.

“It’s overwhelming in a good way, just the support we’ve received from the auction items donations over the past few months. I can’t tell you what it means in words, ”said Amie Moore.

The Moore family are just so grateful for how far their son has come.

“It’s not easy for Lincoln if we’d known then that you knew what he was capable of today, you know, because the doctors said he’d never walk, crawl, talk, and he’s a little shy now, but if … we were home, he would run for you, ”Amie said.

The family will donate all proceeds from the walk and silent auction to Spina Bifida Awareness in the hope that they can expand the walk for Lincoln over the next year.

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