Winchester Mystery House’s Flashlight Tour Is Flickering On – NBC Los Angeles

What you should know

  • Friday 13th August
  • San Jose
  • $ 24.99- $ 54.99

THE AURA OF AUGUST? It can be a little hard to define. On the one hand, it’s a season of the year known for its roasting, stickiness, and the warmth that permeates almost everything you touch. Going outside can be an exercise in extreme sun, and finding cool spots, cool drinks, and cool times is at the top of our list that is too hot to keep. And yet? You could call the eighth month “close to autumn” if you want to think about it more poetically. The sunlight seems to change profoundly before the arrival of September, the morning can boast of a “certain something” that speaks for the approaching fall, and Halloween merchandise hits the aisles. That said, it’s the perfect time for a …

FRIDAY THE 13TH FLASHLIGHT TOUR … at the Winchester Mystery House. Of course, August doesn’t always rock a Friday that falls on the 13th, but in 2021 it will happen in haunted fashion. What about the sprawling San Jose mansion, famous for its doors to walls and stairs that end to the ceiling? This is a day and night that a few special (and scary) events occur regularly. The big bell on the property always rings 13 times at 1:00 p.m., so at 1:00 p.m. if you want. And after the sun goes down in the west? The flashlights come out and flicker, giving guests exploring the massive home another way to explore the corridors, rooms, nooks, and hallways of the winding home.

TICKETS ARE ON SALE … for the one night only tour that has become a must for Phantom seekers on Friday the 13th. But yes: The Winchester Mystery House often has a terrible after-dark program with dimly lit tours when Halloween approaches. Your best bet? Check out the website for more information shortly.

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