Winchester School District to return to full in-person education in fall 2021

Seal of the Winchester Public Schools

During the Education Committee meeting on Tuesday, May 11, school principal Melony Brady-Shanley announced that the school district intends to have full face-to-face learning for the 2021-2022 school year.
Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, families had the opportunity to enroll in distance learning during this school year.
According to Brady-Shanley, as of April 30, 12 percent of the students enrolled in the district were in distance learning.
“Based on the data we got back, 80 percent of these families will return their children to face-to-face learning,” said Brady-Shanley. “Personal education benefits students in terms of teaching, social affairs, and development. Any family who does not participate in school learning will participate in home education programs. “
Brady-Shanely said that distance learning can be used by the district in the future when it comes to specialty education, remediation, the use of virtual platforms to expand teaching approaches to face-to-face learning, and the need for emergencies related to construction issues.

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