Wood River man indicted two weeks in a row

EDWARDSVILLE – A week after three separate charges, a Wood River man was charged with multiple offenses by a Madison County grand jury.

Dwayne S. Tottleben, 29, of Wood River, was charged July 15 with possession with intent to distribute a similar-looking substance, a class 3 crime, and two cases of evacuation or attempting to escape a police officer, both class 4 crimes.

Tottleben was charged in October 2013 with aggravated possession with intent to supply methamphetamine and illicit possession of methamphetamine, both class X crimes and an escape charge. The case was originally submitted by the Pontoon Beach Police Department.

According to the indictment, on October 8, Tottleben allegedly possessed a “similar substance” with the intent to distribute it and fled a Pontoon Beach police officer, reached speeds more than 21 over the posted speed limit and disregarded two or more road users on control devices .

The week before, Tottleben was charged with armed robbery, a class X crime; Offenses relating to motor vehicles, a class 2 crime; Failure to stop following a Personal Injury Accident, a Class 4 crime; and criminal intrusion into a motor vehicle and resistance to a peace officer, both class A offenses.

The charges were originally brought by the Collinsville, Glen Carbon and Troy Police Department.

In another case, an amended indictment was issued against Damon T. Starks, 26, of Granite City for illegal possession of a stolen firearm, car-related offenses and illegal possession of a stolen license plate, all class 2 crimes and evacuation or the Trying to escape a police officer, grade 4 crime.

The charges stem from an incident on Jan. 18 in which Starks was allegedly in possession of a stolen Taurus 9mm pistol, a stolen 2015 VW CC, and a stolen license plate. He is also reported to have attempted to flee from a Granite City police officer, reaching speeds more than 34 kilometers above the advertised speed limit. He was also charged last week with illicit gun use for possession of a loaded and accessible Diamondback AR-15 pistol in a July 8 vehicle.

Other charges issued on July 15 include:

• Lorenzo Ramirez-Arizmendi, 41, of Caseyville, has been charged with two cases of predatory criminal sexual assault on a child, both Class X crimes, and two cases of serious criminal sexual abuse, both Class 2 crimes. The case was original submitted by the Fairmont City Police Department. Between May 18 and June 27, Ramirez-Arizmendi allegedly committed sexual acts with a 7-year-old girl. The deposit was originally set at $ 1 million.

• Donald L. Dayton Jr., 45, has been charged on two separate counts of serious motor vehicle-related offenses, a class 1 crime and motor vehicle-related offenses, a class 2 crime. On October 11, Dayton was said to have been in possession of a stolen 2017 Ford ambulance. On September 28, he was reportedly found in possession of a stolen Dodge Dart from 1974.

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