Zimbabwe: 3 more robbers caught in Limpopo

The National Security Task Force intercepted three armed robbers along the Limpopo River yesterday and seized a selection of firearms and ammunition.

National Police Deputy Commissioner Paul Nyathi said the trio had been arrested by a team of security officers who are conducting a crime eradication operation on the Zimbabwe-South Africa border.

He said Tafara Moyo, 30, Munyaradzi Ncube, 27 and Elphus Chigudubudze, 34 were caught near the Nyampanzani area.

Asst Comm Nyathi said police had seized two pistols, three 9mm bullets, two 12 bullets and two pistol magazines from the suspects.

“The three were monitored when they came into the country with three bags from South Africa.

“They were mugged, cornered and overwhelmed. A search of the pockets resulted in the discovery of two Vector CPI pistols with no serial numbers, a Bereta Gardone CPX4 pistol with serial number 3181E and an empty magazine, and another with three rounds of 9 rounds mm and two by 12 bore sillier. “

Asst Comm Nyathi said preliminary research indicates the trio live in South Africa.

It was also found that they mainly targeted the people who smuggled cigarettes into South Africa.

Asst Comm Nyathi added, “Further investigation into the matter is ongoing and I would like to warn those involved in criminal activity at the border that their days are numbered.”

The incident occurred a few weeks after police arrested one of the most wanted men, Bigboy Chauke, from the Mugwazhuli village of Beitbridge.

Chauke had been on the run for almost a month after unleashing a trail of armed robbery along the Limpopo River and a few villages east of the border town.

Zimbabwe dispatched the task force in January after an increase in criminal activity at the border that weighed on the country’s import duties in the millions.

On the import side, food, fuel, diapers and electrical appliances are most commonly smuggled. Minerals, cigarettes and explosives make up the bulk of the goods smuggled into South Africa.

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